Turquoise Waters on Cassette

Turquoise Waters on Cassette

Original ceremonial songs and chants in a “Lemurian” language called “Ra-ali-lea-hu".  
Original ceremonial songs and chants in a “Lemurian” language called “Ra-ali-lea-hu".  


Songs from the Spirit World (1986)

60 minutes

Original ceremonial songs and chants in a “Lemurian” language called “Ra-ali-lea-hu”, as well as in traditional native languages and English. Performed by the composer with singer Ani Williams and flautist Mazatl Galindo.


“The uniqueness of this music sets it apart from other recent recordings of chant . . . may be the beginning of a completely new expression of sacred music. . . What is here now is exciting, sacred and transformative.”


- According to a review in Shaman’s Drum (1988)


A creative celebration of Light and Life

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