The Winged Serpent Shirt

The Winged Serpent Shirt

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The Winged Serpent



winged serpent 

Made of 100% cotton. 

This ancient symbol, also know as Ra-Horakhty, is found over doorways, archways and entrances to temples throughout Egypt. The double serpents flanking the solar disk are symbolic of the ever-present dual nature of reality, while the wings, indicative of a bird, represent heaven in contrast to the earth bound qualities of the cobra snakes. Feathered serpent symbols are found in many ancient cultures worldwide, including those of Mexico, Peru, China, etc. The "Unity in Duality" principle that inspires them is a universal principle of spiritual transformation.

As an innovation upon the traditional design of Ra-Horakhty, within the solar disk is the Scarab beetle pushing up a tiny red sun. It represents Khebera, the Lord of the Dawn, who brings the sunrise with every day. The ancient Egyptians made this association because they noticed that scarab beetles put their eggs in a ball of dung which they tend to push in an eastwards direction; hence the correlation to an unseen force that pushes up the ball of the sun on the eastern horizon. Because of its shape when viewed from above, the scarab also represents the three lobes of the brain, and hence the higher mind or crown chakra.


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