Psalms of RA CD Plus Book
  • Psalms of RA CD Plus Book
  • Psalms of RA CD Plus Book
  • Psalms of RA CD Plus Book
  • Psalms of RA CD Plus Book
  • Psalms of RA CD Plus Book

Psalms of RA CD Plus Book


The all new version of "The Psalms of RA"

A single CD plus book that is entirely focused on the ancient Egyptian-based material from the original 2 CD set. The 56 minute CD comes inside a beautifully packaged, 48 page, full color, hard cover book that is the size of a standard CD jewel case. The book includes full descriptions of every song, including instrumentation, history and cosmology, with texts in English, German and French.. All the song texts are also provided, from the original hieroglyphic versions to the phoenetic pronunciations to the translations.

The artwork and photography of composer Jim Berenholtz illustrates the book throughout its 48 pages. The photographs are exclusively drawn from Jim’s extensive travels to ancient sacred sites in Egypt and the Sudan. This highly informative and illuminating product is ideal for world music lovers, Egyptology enthusiasts, history buffs, students of metaphysics, and anyone who appreciates the art and wisdom of ancient civilizations. Experience the acoustic ritual of “The Psalms of RA”, as it takes you on a journey from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again, paralleling the journey of the soul.

Samples of the Tracks:

01-02 Abu Simbel

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Abu Simbel


Mostly instrumental, but includes Egyptian/Hebrew-inspired text, for mixed chorus with flutes, oboe, violin, cello, oud, guitar, harp, and timpani.


03 Tua RA

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Tua RA


Ancient Egyptian, opening text from the "Book of the Dead", for male chorus, violins, cellos, flutes and french horns.


04-06 Hymn to the Sun

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Hymn to the Sun


Ancient Egyptian text, written by the pharoah Akhenaten, scored for mixed chorus, chamber orchestra, Middle Eastern winds, strings and percussion.


07 Red Sun

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Red Sun


Mixed chorus, trumpets, horns, flute, oboe, and timpani.


08 Blue Star

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Blue Star


An instrumental ode to Sirius, home of the Goddesses and Gods. For violins, cellos, basses and flute.


09 Dendera

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Egyptian harp solo


10 Abydos

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Duet for bamboo flute and shakuhachi


11 Amenti Rama

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Amenti Rama


Egyptian-inspired text for male chorus, with clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, bass, and gongs.


12 Recha Em Kheba

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Recha Em Kheba


Ancient Egyptian text from the "Book of the Dead", scored for mixed chorus and chamber orchestra of woodwinds, horns, strings, and timpani.


13 Ba ar Bet

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Ba ar Bet


Ancient Egyptian text, for mixed chorus, flute, clarinet and strings.


14 Horus RA

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Horus RA


Ocarina and flute instrumental.


15 Song of Marawa

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Song of Marawa


Meroitic-inspired text with Egyptian, Hebrew, and Borana roots, scored for harp, santur, nai, female voices and woodwind quartet.


16 RA Hu

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Egyptian-inspired text for female chorus, guitar, and violin.



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