The Drums of HU-RA

The Drums of HU-RA

woman w drumEach drum is from a limited run of original designs by artist Jim Berenholtz. We offer our unique images printed on 16 inch diameter Remo drums, which have synthetic FiberSkyn heads that always produce a crisp clear sound. These drums come in one of two styles - either frame drums that are usually held with both hands, or the deeper hoop drums that are grabbed by laced cords in the back, and played with a drumstick on the front.


Eye of RA Drum

Eye of RA Drum

* Style of Drum (see below):


Choose Frame Drum or Hoop Drum

Both styles of drum use FiberSkyn heads.

Fiberskyn® is a lamination process using poly-spun material specifically designed to reduce overtones. Fiberskyn technology specializes in higher tuning ranges for drum-set and hand percussion instruments that provides superb, authentic and ethnic drum sounds. Fiberskyn has created a new worldwide standard for Jazz and hand drumming sounds associated with Drumset, Congas, Bongos, Djembe's and Frame Drums. Fiberskyn is a fast action, easy play drumhead that produces controlled warm overtones. Its superior construction and performance have made it one of the world’s most widely recorded synthetic drumheads.

What is the difference between a Frame Drum and a Hoop Drum?

  1. Frame DrumFrame Drums are the hand-held drum design found mostly in the Eastern Hemipshere, particularly throughout North Africa, the Middle East and much of Asia. Hoop Drums are the hand-held drum design that is mostly found amongst various Native American cultures of the Western Hemisphere, although this design is also found in the drums of Siberian Shamans.
  2. The outer shell of Remo Frame Drums are not as wide as the outer shell of their Hoop Drums, which Remo calls “Buffalo Drums”.
  3. Frame Drums are played with both hands on the drum head. Hoop Drums are played with a stick in one hand, while the other hand holds the Hoop Drum using laced cords the run through the rear interior of the drum.
  4. Frame Drums have a somewhat higher-pitched sound than the Hoop Drums.
  5. Our Frame Drums are less expensive than our Hoop Drums.


hoop drumHere’s what Remo has to say about their Hoop Drums - The Remo Standard Buffalo Drum is inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Equipped with a rope handle and a single mallet. The Remo Standard Buffalo Drum is manufactured with Remo’s Fiberskyn® drumheads and patented Acousticon® drum shells for enhanced durability in any environment. Producing the same tonal characteristics found on traditional wood shell drums, the standard Buffalo Drums feature excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals.


And here’s what Remo has to say about their Frame Drums - Remo Frame Drums feature Remo's pre-tuned technology providing warmth and projection when played with a hand or mallet. Constructed with an Acousticon drum shell and a pre-tuned Fiberskyn drumhead, these frame drums produce excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals typically found with traditional wood shell drums, making them ideal for professional and recreational applications. The Remo Fiberskyn 16" Frame Drum has a wide body shell and is provided with a thumb notch.






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