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Hu Ra Records

RA023Hu Ra Records was established in 2004 as a way to produce, market and distribute original recordings of Neo-Ancient music. Our museum shop-quality product line exemplifies acoustic excellence combined with informative texts and visual beauty.

Our first release was Xochimoki’s “Land of the Feathered Serpent”, an instrumental album performed with pre-Columbian musical instruments of the Aztek, Maya and other Mesoamerican civilizations. This release was followed by “The Psalms of RA” in two different versions. The first version features ancient Egyptian texts set to contemporary sacred music on a single CD. It comes with a CD-sized 48 page book in Egyptian hieroglyphics, English, French and German. The second version of “The Psalms of RA” is a double CD of both ancient Egyptian AND Hebrew texts set to new music. This CD set comes with a descriptive 16 page booklet.

Our latest release on Hu Ra Records is “Music in the Language of Light”, a single CD featuring only the Hebrew inspired compositions from “The Psalms of RA”. It comes with a 24 page photo illustrated booklet, including the original Hebrew transcriptions of all the texts. Future releases on Hu Ra Records will continue to explore and celebrate the many ancient traditions of our planet through the universal language of music.

Hu Ra Designs

Hu Ra Designs was founded in 2005 as the visual compliment to the audio offerings of Hu Ra Records. We feature unique artwear products using the designs of composer/painter Jim Berenholtz, particularly those designs that decorate his Egyptian-themed CD’s. Our museum shop-quality product line has been created in response to the large number of major exhibitions of Egyptian antiquities currently touring North America. So far we have t-shirts, caps and tote bags in a variety of designs and colors, but we will soon be expanding into other wearable and useful products.

Hu Ra Design's graphic designer and digital wizard is Allen Siewert, who has collaborated with Berenholtz on the creation of his websites and CD’s since 2003. All of our products are being produced in The Philippines by a top-notch team of fabric designers and artisans, using only the highest quality materials.


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